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Things are everywhere:
Good things. Bad things. Everything. Nothing. Anything. Something.

It’s the laziest word in the English language, and we’re all guilty of overusing it.

👉  👉  👉  Time for a search-and-destroy mission.

When you find yourself using that lazy word “thing,” remember: a better word is waiting:

  • Technique: a way of carrying out a particular task; a skillful or efficient way of doing or achieving.
  • Issue: an important topic for debate Issue: or discussion.
  • Subject: a person or item being discussed, described, or dealt with.
  • Attribute: a quality or feature regarded as a characteristic or inherent part of someone or something.
  • Characteristic: a distinguishing feature or quality.
  • Trait: a distinguishing feature or quality.
  • Strong point: a characteristic or ability at which one particularly excels.
  • Skill: a special talent or aptitude; expertise.
  • Matter: an affair or situation under consideration, or a topic.
  • Feature: a prominent or distinctive attribute or aspect.
  • Topic: a matter dealt with in text or conversation; a subject.
  • Object: a goal or purpose; a material item that can be seen or touched.
  • Item: an article or unit in a collection or series.

❌ He said some good THINGS about…

✅ He made some good POINTS about…

❌ I write about a variety of THINGS.

✅ I write about a variety of TOPICS.

❌ There are 20 THINGS on my to-do list.

✅ There are 20 ITEMS on my to-do list.

❌ An extensive vocabulary is a good THING to have in my job.

✅ An extensive vocabulary is a good SKILL for my job.

❌ Patience is SOMETHING critical to be successful in my line of work.

✅ Patience is a critical TRAIT for success in my line of work.

You just launched your 50th website… wrote your 50th article… landed your 50th coaching client.

You so desperately want to Brag Your Butt Off, right?

Delirious with joy, you rush to your fave social media hangout and post: “Woo-hoo, I just landed my 50th coaching client.”

Translation…. “look at me, Look at Me, LOOK AT MEEEEEE!!!!!”

And what do you get?

Polite “likes” and a “way to go” comment or two.

But engagement? Not so much.

Instead of focusing on yourself…

What if you offhandedly mention your accomplishment, while providing value to readers?

👉 👉 👉  Share value learned via your accomplishments.

Try one of these approaches in a post or article...

✅  10 time-saving hacks I learned building 50 websites...

✅  How I changed my research approach after writing 50 articles...

✅  6 secrets I wish I knew before working with 50 coaching clients...

Provide value by sharing what you learned. Your accomplishment won't go unnoticed.

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“Put your own oxygen mask on first.”
— Every flight attendant ever

👉  It's not selfish to block off time for your personal activities.

👉  Gift yourself with a no-explanation-necessary break.

Here's to banishing things, sharing value, and occasional unplugging,


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