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Sometimes bragging rights have nothing to do with where you place and everything to do with how you finish

Did you catch this story?

Jolien Boumkwo represents Belgium in track & field “strength” events: shot put, hammer throw, and discus.

Belgium needed a hurdler at the recent European Team Championships in Poland, as both of theirs were injured.

Every point mattered: totals determined which league they would wind up in.

If SOMEONE didn’t run hurdles, the team would be disqualified, which meant sure demotion to a lower league.

The last-place finisher would still get 2 points, which could make the difference.

Knowing she’d finish last, Boumkwo volunteered anyway.

An injury would be worse than a last-place finish, so she made the best of it.

Taking her time, she WALKED over the hurdles, jogged in between, and finished with a big smile, waving to the crowd.

My heart is ablaze with respect and admiration.

👉 👉 👉 Even the last-place finisher inspires just by running (or walking) the race.

What hurdle are you motivated to walk over before the weekend?

"Stuff your eyes with wonder… see the world. It's more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories." - Ray Bradbury

Last week was quite the whirlwind of activity as my 6-year-old grandson stayed with us for "Bubbe Camp."

Bubbe did her prep work, and his eyes were stuffed with wonder between planned field trips to the museum, a working farm, Legoland Discovery Center, and the grand opening of a fantastic new park in our city.

More wonder from reading books, doing puzzles, playing games, blowing bubbles, and – of course – baking cookies.

And what was the most wondrous entertainment highlight?

Watching city staff cut down and pulverize a tree into woodchips right in front of our house.

Our bedroom window was a front-row seat to the biggest show in town – a solid two hours of nonstop action with a rip-roaring soundtrack.

A fabulous remind-o-gram to never lose the innocence and curiosity to be fascinated by even the smallest and most routine of everyday occurrences.

Wonder is all around; we just have to keep our eyes open and ready for stuffing.

Make it a weekend full of wonder!

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